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VERSOL Water Source Heat pump (VERSOPUMP- ET-CH)

VERSOL Water source heat pump are low-grade thermal energy resources formed by using shallow surface water sources, such as solar energy, chiller water, groundwater, rivers, and geothermal energy absorbed by lakes. Based on the heat pump principle, through a small amount of electrical energy input, the low-level thermal energy is converted into high-level thermal energy technology.

  1. Versol Water source heat pump is a renewable energy utilization technology.
  2. High operating efficiency, low cost and energy saving.

The available water temperature of the water source heat pump unit in winter is 12-22, which is higher than the outdoor air temperature in winter, and the evaporation temperature and energy efficiency ratio of the heat pump cycle are improved. Compared with electric heating, a well-designed water source heat pump unit can reduce power consumption by more than 70%.

Stable and reliable operation

The temperature of water bodies is relatively stable all year round, especially groundwater, whose fluctuation range is much smaller than that of air, and is a good cold and heat source for heat pumps. Therefore, the operation of the heat pump unit is reliable and stable, and there is no problem such as defrosting of the air source heat pump in winter.

Significant environmental benefits

The water source heat pump unit has no pollution in operation and can be built in residents’ homes without combustion, smoke exhaust, waste, no need to pile up fuel waste sites, and no need for long-distance heat transfer.

One machine with multiple functions, wide application range

The system can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water. One machine with multiple functions, one system can replace two sets of boilers and air conditioners. Especially for buildings with both heating and cooling requirements, it has obvious advantages. It not only saves a lot of energy, but also reduces the initial investment of equipment.

Available water sources

In theory, water source heat pumps can utilize all water resources. In fact, in actual engineering, the cost of using different water resources is very different. Therefore, whether there are suitable water sources in different regions becomes the key to the application of water source heat pumps. The ability to find a suitable water source becomes the limiting condition for using water source heat pumps, and the water source requirements must meet certain temperature, water volume and cleanliness.

Versol Water source heat pump technology is not only widely used in all kinds of civil buildings, public buildings, military buildings and other central air-conditioning systems that need cooling and heating to supply hot water for bathing, but also involves freezing, refrigeration and cooling process systems in the industrial field.