“Water Heating & Cooling solutions"

“Water Heating & Cooling solutions, offering Storage Calorifiers, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps and Solar Panels which are designed and manufactured in in accordance with PED and BS standards and as per ASME based on request. VERSOL Products are manufacturing in our facilities in UK, Italy and Poland with collective experience more than 25 years in Design, Production and Quality Control.”


Versol Steam Boiler
Versol Storage Calorifiers
Versol Heat Pump
Versol Boilers
Versol Gas Fired Calorifiers
Versol Heat Exchangers
Versol Solar Thermal Panels
Versol Electric Calorifiers


VERSOL is one of the leading producers of turnkey water heating/ cooling solutions, solar systems and steam systems for hotels, hospitals or any other application in HVAC industry. With collective experience of more than 35 Years and Installation experience worldwide, VERSOL offers systems with high  quality, efficiency and economy. Every turnkey system is adapted to the client’s requirements specially designed  with in depth understanding of the specific client needs and requirement.

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