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VERSOL Air Source Heat pump (VERSOPUMP- ET-H)

VERSOL DC inverter air source heat pump is more energy-saving.

In fact, Versol DC Inverter and fixed speed heat pumps are both energy-saving products, and the biggest difference between the two is that the working mode of DC Inverter air source heat pump is more efficient than the fixed speed heat pump. When the ambient temperature is minus 15 degrees, the working efficiency of the DC Inverter and fixed speed air source heat pumps is basically the same. And when the ambient temperature drops to minus 10 degrees, the DC Inverter air source heat pump can follow the difference in ambient temperature, automatically adjust the compressor and fan speed, and realize stepless variable speed adjustment, so that energy can be fully utilized. From this point of view, frequency conversion Air source heat pumps are more efficient.

The temperature is more stable.

After the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the DC inverter heat pump will not stop running like the fixed speed air source heat pump, but will run at a lower frequency to maintain the set temperature, especially when providing heating (cooling) for the family. It can control the amount of heating (cold) by changing the speed of the compressor. The fixed-frequency air source heat pump maintains the set temperature by repeatedly starting and stopping the compressor. The temperature difference fluctuates greatly, and the water temperature fluctuates, so the room temperature may be overcooled or overheated.